The Western Washington University Board of Trustees is the University's governing body whose broad responsibilities are to supervise, coordinate, manage and regulate Western Washington University as provided by state statute (RCW 28B.35).  Seven members are appointed by the governor of the State of Washington with the consent of the Senate for terms of six-years, and one additional student member is appointed annually by the governor for a one-year term.

The Board appoints the president of the University and elects the principal officers of the Board for two-year terms.  Current officers are: John Meyer, Chair; Chase Franklin, Vice Chair; and Sue Sharpe, Secretary.


Regular meetings of the Board are held the first or second Thursday and Friday of every other month.  Meetings begin at 3pm on Thursday and adjourn at 5pm.  On Friday, the meeting begins at 8am and adjourn at 12pm.  Meetings are held in Old Main 340 on Western's campus, unless otherwise noted. **As a result of the Governor's Proclamation that all Open Public Meetings are to take place virtually, all Board of Trustees meetings and work sessions are occurring via Zoom, and are audiocast live at: audiocast link.


The Board of Trustees meeting agendas are set by the President with input from campus leadership.  Below are guidelines and templates for presenters to use when preparing materials for a board meeting.

Public Comment

A ten minute Public Comment period is provided during every regular meeting of the Board, the dates for which are available on the Calendar tab above.  Speakers are allowed up to two minutes each for their comments, with preference being given to those who sign up in advance.  As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, all Board of Trustees meetings are taking place virtually.  Those who wish to participate in the Public Comment period for Friday, October 8th, 2021 meeting may sign up by contacting Rayne Rambo, Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees, at rambor@wwu.edu.  Preference will be given to those who sign up in advance, starting Friday, October 1st, 2021.

Meeting Guidelines and Templates