Trustee's Office FAQs

The Board has six regular meetings per year and one annual Board Retreat. The regular meetings are held in Bellingham on Thursday and Friday, beginning at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday and adjourning at 12:00 Noon on Friday. Special Meetings are called as needed. The board holds one or more of its regular meetings outside of Whatcom County.

The President’s Office is certified as a Sustainable Office at the platinum level. As such, our Board of
Trustees meetings are paperless. Board meeting materials are available on the Board of Trustees

webpage. The campus community and the Trustees have the ability to print and/or download the
documents onto their computers. Trustees should bring their own technology in order to access the
materials during the meeting. If you require technology on loan for the meeting, please let us know.

An agenda review with the President is scheduled two or three days prior to each board meeting. The reviews are done via a conference call. Because a quorum cannot be present, two calls are scheduled with four Trustees participating during each call.

The Board of Trustees has two subcommittees, the Finance, Audit and Enterprise Risk Management Committee and the Student Success Committee. Both committees meet prior to the regular board meeting and the committee chair reports on activities of their meetings during the full boardmeeting

It is not a requirement, but Trustees are invited to participate in Western’s commencementceremonies.
A calendar of future ceremonies is sent out and Trustees are asked to commit to participating in any
ceremony that fits their personal schedule.

Commencement regalia (robes, hoods, and mortarboards/tams) is provided by Western.

Trustees are not paid to serve on the board. They are not employees of Western. However, Trustees
traveling from out of town are reimbursed mileage, lodging, and some meals at the state allowable rate.
here for more information on per diem reimbursement rates.

Each Trustee is provided courtesy parking valid for their entire term on the Board by providing the make/model/license plate number of their vehicle to the President’s Office staff. TrusteeReserved August 7, 2018 Parking is available in Lot 8G, behind the Old Main building. However, the parking permit is valid for any non-reserved spot on campus.

The Western Washington University Foundation is the fund-raising arm of the institution. An agreement was entered into with Western and the Foundation empowering the Foundation to solicit and receive contributions, grants, gifts, and property in the name and on behalf of the University.

Giving financially to the institution is not a requirement of service as a Trustee. Annual and campaign gifts are welcome to the extent a Trustee is able and interested. Trustees are encouraged to make connections and build ties with community members as appropriate.

The Faculty Senate President, who represents the faculty, and the Associated Students President, who
represents the students, are members of President’s Cabinet and regularly attend boardmeetings.

Faculty and students are often presenters at the meetings.

The Board of Trustees Chair is the spokesperson for the Board. All media questions should be directed
to the Chair.