Student Trustees

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is Western Washington University’s governing board, its legal owner and final authority. The Board sets policy for the university which the administration carries out in the day to day management of the institution. Providing policy direction and guidance, the trustees of Western Washington University represent the constituents’ interest in the institution. The Board meets every other month. Trustees primarily meet on campus in Old Main 340 with some meetings in other selected locations.

Responsibilities of the Student Trustee

The Student Trustee is a fully vested member of the board with rights, responsibilities and privileges accorded to all trustees. Trustee duties are explained in RCW 28B.35.100. The Student Trustee participates in at least six board meetings a year. The only differences between the Student Trustee and the other members of the Board is that they serve for one year and are not able to vote on personnel matters.

The first Student Trustee was appointed in June 1998. The current Trustee is Hunter Stuehm. Hunter is the twenty-second student to hold this position. Students must be willing to work in a collaborative environment where attendance and preparation are key for full participation.


Student Trustee CitlalyFormer Student Trustee Citlaly Ramirez 2018-2019: As a Student Trustee, my voice, opinion and ideas were always valued. This is how the Board of Trustees, President Sabah and the university leadership team made me feel. Thank you to the Associated Students and Governor Jay Inslee for allowing me to better understand how our university governance functions. I enjoyed every meeting, event and dinner I was invited to. Getting to personally know Sabah, first lady Uzma, my Board of Trustees colleagues, and our university leadership was delightful. I have learned so much from their wisdom, successes, and humble work. Highlights of my experience include traveling to Olympia, meeting Governor Inslee and several state legislators, giving a speech at an Alumni event at the Governor’s Mansion, and from connecting with all these amazing individuals, earning a summer internship with the Governor’s Leadership Academy. Being part of a Board is a miraculous thing, and should never be taken for granted. The knowledge I gained is so critical for faculty, staff and students to know. I am grateful to have been part of this Board and alongside amazing individuals, to learn how to challenge systems and help others

Trista TruemperFormer Student Trustee Trista Truemper 2017-2018: My experience as the Student Trustee has been nothing short of amazing and I’m incredibly grateful to the Associated Students and Governor Inslee for granting me this once in a life-time opportunity. I applied for the Student Trustee position because I wanted to learn more about Western as an institution but what I’ve received in return for my service has been more than I could have imagined. In addition to learning from our remarkable Trustees, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and receiving mentorship from Western’s 14th President as well as the university’s leadership team, and I’ve received unwavering support and friendship from Western’s Board of Trustees professionals. For me, every board meeting and university event is a thrill; however some highlights include: my participation at Trustee Lobby Day in Olympia; meeting the Governor and several of our state legislators; giving the Trustee Greeting at the fall commencement ceremony; having the honor of shaking the hands of our newly minted graduates and getting to know our commencement student-speakers; and finally, being asked to serve as the emcee for an Alumni event at the Governor’s Mansion.

Former Student Trustee Abigail Ramos 2016-2017: As a student trustee I was privileged enough to hold an insider position within Western that I know many students would appreciate being in. Being on the Board of Trustees, I was able to see all the mechanics that go into running the university. This knowledge is extremely beneficial for students, faculty, and staff to know and understand. I was previously a member of the Associated Students Board of Directors, this experience helped bring essential background information in many of our Trustee conversations. However, my experience on the BOT was drastically different from my time with the AS. Being able to meet all the people who play important roles in not only the overall function of Western, but the daily functions added perspective to my own role on the board. Aside from all the insight I received, being able to personally know Sabah, the VPs, my fellow board members, was delightful. Additionally, being able to participate in multiple Western events was always enjoyable!