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 Welcome to the Board of Trustees Website!

Western Washington University is governed by an eight-member Board of Trustees. Seven members are appointed by the governor of the State of Washington with the consent of the Senate for terms of six years, and one additional University student member, who is appointed annually by the governor for a one-year term.  

The Board appoints the President of the University and elects the principal officers of the Board for two-year terms. Current officers are: Karen Lee, Chair; Sue Sharpe, Vice Chair; Earl Overstreet, Secretary. 

Regular meetings of the Board are held o​n the first or second Thursday and Friday of every other month.  Meetings begin at 3pm on Thursday and adjourn at 5pm.  On Friday, meetings begin at 8am and adjourn at 12pm.  All meetings are held in Old Main 340 on Western's campus, unless otherwise noted.  All Regular Open Meetings are audiocast and can be heard by clicking onto the Audiocast link.

The Board of Trustees meeting agendas are set by the President with input from campus leadership.  Below are the Board of Trustee Materials Guidelines and item templates for presenters use when preparing materials for a board meeting. 

Board Materials Guidelines.pdf    BOT Action Item Template.docx    BOT Discussion Item Template.docx    BOT Information Item Template.docx

2016 Board of Trustee Meeting Dates 
by Elissa Hicks
 4/21/2016 10:58 AM
2016 Commencement Ceremonies 
by Elissa Hicks
 4/21/2016 10:58 AM

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 Contact Information

Barbara Sandoval
Secretary to Board of Trustees
Elissa Hicks
Assistant Secretary to Board of Trustees
 Office of the President
 Provost/VP for Academic Affairs
 Enrollment and Student Services
 Business and Financial Affairs
 University Advancement
 University Relations and Community Development
 Assistant Attorney General
 Office of the Internal Auditor
 Budget Office
 Archived Board of Trustee Minutes 1920 - 2012
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Chase Franklin Bio_2016.pdfChase Franklin Bio_201633 KB
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Sue Sharpe bio_2015.pdfSue Sharpe bio_2015104 KB
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Historical List of Members of the Board of Trustees 1895 - 2015.pdfHistorical List of Members of the Board of Trustees 1895 - 201520 KB
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